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H.O Sellout

Postby Hrnts69 » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:59 pm

I selling the rest of my H.O. Cars. Hardly race them anymore. Heres a little description of what i have. Will get everything listed later on 2day.

-1 SG+ Indy Car (JW Front End, BSRT Gold Pick Up Shoes and Springs, 2 Dot Rear Traction Magnets, JW Titanium Rear Axle, BSRT Gears, Wizzard Silicone Sponge Tires, Everything else stock, 2nd in Points right now for th 2010 season)
-1 LifeLike T Chassis (JW Titanium Axle, BSRT 20th Crown, BSRT Slip On Silicones and Double Flane Rims)
-1 LifeLike T Chassis (Needs Rear Axle Assembly)
-1 LifeLike T Chassis (Needs Rear Alxe Assembly and Pinion Gear)
-2 LifeLike M Chassis (Wizzard Front End, Wizzard Silver Brushes and Springs, JW Titanium Rear Axle, Tomy Gears and Wizzard Silicone Sponges)
-2 AFX Magnatractions (Blueprinted Mean Green Motors, Matched Motor Mags, JW Front Ends, JW Rear Double Flange Rims, Wizzard Copper Brushes, JW Slip On Silicones)
-1 Kevin Browning JL TJet (Balanced Motor, RTHO Front End, Born Identiy Rear Silicone Sponges, Cost me $90, and Faster than my Mean Greens!)
-1 JL TJet (Red Devil Motor, Matched Motor Mags, Wizzard Rear Silicone Spones, Wizzard Front End)
-1 Parma 25ohm Controller (1 Race Old)
-1 BRP 120ohm Nitro Resistor
-5 New Lexan Bodys
-3 SKR Pro Stock Mustang Resin Bodys (New for Tomy Chassis)
-1 Slottech Panther Chassis with Bulkheads
-1 Wizzard P3 Chassis
-1 Tyco 440X2 Chassis with Bulkheads an JW Brass Front End)
-1 Tyco 440X2 Chassis (New Build, Needs Rear Gear Assembly)
-2 XTraction Part Chassis
-3 Tyco HP7 Chassis (Needs Finished, Wizzard Front Ends
-4 NIP Tomy SG+ Motor Mags
-4 Used Tomy SG+ Motor Mags
-2 Used BSRT Traction Mags for Tomy
-NIP Parts from BSRT and Wizzard
-Plano 747 Tackle Box
-Lucky Bobs Gear and Wheel Puller/Presser
-Fiberglass Pickup Shoe Cleaner
-4 Matched Motor Mags for AFX
-1 Matched Motor Mags for JL TJet
-1 Matched Motor Mags (Poly Mags for TJet)
-10 Used Arms (Tomy and Tyco)
-1 TJet Chassis)
-Spare Part and Axle Box
-JW Comm Plate Truer with Extra Discs

That all i can think of right now. Will add more once i get home. All for $225 Shipped.

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Re: H.O Sellout

Postby tjetjunkman » Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:23 am

How about an update on this sale. Whats available?
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